Who we are

We are an engineer & design-led team who are passionate about the environment and with a collective spirit and dream of carbon-neutralising the world ! We believe we can make this dream a reality with your contribution and support.

Afterall, team work does make the dream work.

Our values

We practice what we preach: Our website and mobile platforms use low resolution videos & images so as to not overload our datacenters. Our website is also hosted by a green hosting plaform, whose datacenters are partially fuelled by renewables.

Our platform is data-driven and integrates ISO 5001, PAS 2060 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) standards into its framework so that we adhere to the highest international standards in sustainability.

Transparency Policy

What your monthly subscription covers:

  1. Monthly running costs of tracking & calculating your carbon totals.
  2. Providing you with your custom sustainability strategy, unique to your goals and needs
  3. A living wage for our staff
  4. ASAP reborn: Investment in designing and developing the best features that will make your journey to carbon neutrality As Seamless As Possible (ASAP)
  5. Carbon Zero-Hero for the win: Helping you become a coveted Carbon Zero-Hero by connecting you to Silva, where you can watch your forest grow with every step closer to carbon neutrality that you get.