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We must grow to develop a negative carbon footprint. To achieve this, we support pioneering organisations to transform into carbon neutral champions with our carbon-specific accounting software toolkit.

Fidenso is being developed for large & complex organisations attempting to reduce, balance and even over-compensate for their current and historic carbon emissions.

We take care of the complicated aspects of carbon reduction by creating sustainable strategies, unique for your needs. These strategies will not only help you on your journey to becoming carbon neutral, but they will economically benefit you too.

Fidenso collects and analyses data on your carbon emissions from Scopes 1, 2 and 3, compares suitable reduction and offsetting strategies by the metrics that mounter and puts you in direct contact with our network of verified partners ready to transform you into a carbon zero champion.

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Aoife Henry

Portrait image of Aoife, one of the co-founders of Fidenso

MSc. & BEng.
Co-founder &

Loves trees, likes tech and competes in ultra-sports

Cat Galvin

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MEng. & BEng.
Co-founder & Operations Director

Loves to read, likes motorbikes and plays rugby and tag rugby

Sorca Duffy

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MSc. & BSc. Arch
Co-founder &
Design Director

Loves the environment, likes design and frequently swims in the sea