Reducing Corporate Carbon Footprint to Zero

Where to Start?

With Fidenso

Achieving net-emissions targets for organisations with a feasible and data-based approach.

The Process

Your Needs

You select the areas that you want us to help you out with. These can at any stage be reviewed and changed depending on how your needs change.

Emissions Calculation

We integrate your data sources and intelligently calculate your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in real-time. You can see clearly where there is room for improvement.

Reduction Strategy

We analyse the cost, carbon savings, climate change impact and payback period of different emissions reduction and offsetting options and link you with our community of transparent and verifiable partners.

Glossary of terms

Fidenso means fearless in latin & that’s exactly what we have to be when we’re up against carbon !

carbon neutral means not being responsible for releasing any more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

offsetting measures involve planting trees or paying for Direct Air-Capture processes to suck up your carbon emissions.

carbon negative means you are not responsible for any new carbon emissions being generated.

How it works

Breakdown of client inputs such as energy sources, carbon reduction targets and timelines, in order to get our output, a sustainable strategy.


Your input…

We profile the organisation by defining:

  • Budgeting and timeline constraints
  • Priority net-emissions and Sustainability Development Goals targets

So that we can build a custom and feasible carbon-emissions strategy for you.


Our output…

  • Data-driven and comprehensive carbon emissions analysis
  • Evidence-backed reduction and offsetting strategies

to support your journey to becoming a carbon-neutral or negative organisation.

Graphic denoting sustainable strategy as Fidenso's output


Track Progress

Intuitive visuals aid you to understand how much far the organisation has come and what the next milestones are.

Our Partners


Tropical planting project partners


“You are never too small to make a difference”

Greta Thunberg

“Climate change is the greatest threat to human rights in the 21st century”

Mary Robinson

“We are committing to pay … for the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere”

Stripe *Press Release 2019*


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